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Language switching?

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I'm pretty much new to the Newton world, since my latest conquest involved a MP 120 and a MP 2000 upgraded to 2100. Those are my first Newton.

The 120 is in german. I don't have the original software, sadly, nor the connection software to install on a classic Mac. I'll certainly find those somewhere on the net when I take the time to look!


But my question is, as a newbie Newton owner, is it ever possible to change a Newton OS language, like by completely resetting with a fresh software install? I'm a french speaker, and I know the 120 was released in french, and anyway I would still prefer english than german… Now, I can see the unit is relly a german one, since the on-screen shortcut buttons are printed in german, as well as the plate on the back of the unit. So I'm wondering if there is any harware limitations that would prevent resetting a Newton with another language.


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The MP120 has a socketed ROM, meaning that you can pull it and replace it with the ROM from an English or French machine. There is, however, a further complication, in that when the Newton OS was upgraded to v.2, an upgrade to the new system via replacement with a v.2 ROM was also possible. Some details can be found here, among other places.


You therefore not only want an English/French ROM, but one with Newton OS 2.0, which is much superior to v.1.3.


I do not think that anyone has worked out how to re-flash one of those chips, but this is not something I have ever looked into in any depth. So to make any changes, you are most likely going to have to purchase a MP120 for parts — or else improve your Schweizerdeutsch.

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