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So I hit the North Shore last night and grabbed some stuff. Nothing too crazy:


6100/60 max ram, no hard drive, dirty case

6100/60 ? ram no hard drive, dirty case, yellowed, missing tab on back

6100/60AV with HPV card and Some form of Sonnet accelerator, maybe g3, max ram, slightly yellowed case, missing cd bezel because cd burner installed

Performa 636 CD, in good shape, hdd needs replacement, dusty as hell but works fine. (Note, this unusual variant of the Q630 series has only one ram slot?!)

A IIsi, 17MB ram, with a goofy PDS adaptor, that seems to have a built in ethernet card, and attaches to the back with some bracket. I harvested the PLCC 68882 from this for use in my other IIsi wood_e sold me.


If anyone wants some of this, make offers, although I dunno if I am selling the IIsi, I may use it as a backup/parts machine for my other IIsi since the case on this one is sorta crummy.

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I'd say your 636 is an early production unit with a Rev. A mobo, these only had one RAM slot, and no video in/out slot (the slot that the LC630 DOS has, which it uses for video input from the DOS card, and is used on the 5x00 series Performas for the Apple External Video Connector, i'm not talking about the Video System card slot, all 630's have those)...my LC630 is a September 1994 unit, one of the first, and it has the Rev. A board. I think they're fairly common.

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