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Apple Monitor IIc diagram - help required

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I recently picked up an Apple IIc with monitor, and although the IIc is working perfectly the monitor appears to be completely dead. Having stripped it down I've discovered that the probable cause is a resistor, R514 (next to the flyback), which is toasted. Unfortunately the resistor is so burnt that the coating has fallen off, thus it is impossible to tell what value the resistor was. The resisitor is knackered so an ohmmeter reads infinite resistance. I've checked the two fuses inside the monitor and they are fine.


What I need is a circuit diagram for the monitor (model G092S, order no A2M4090B) or for someone to let me know what the value of this resisitor is so that I can set about replacing it. Something may have caused it to pop so it may not be the sole problem, but resisitors have been known to burn out by themselves before from overheating etc.


Any help would be very much appreciated!

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