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Great Haul: IIci, LC III, Performa 6320 & 6400, 4400...

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Great haul today, as a result of winning some items on eBay and a 2 hour drive.


Got the following:

- Macintosh IIci, boots but couldn't get any video using my DB-15 -> VGA adapter, tried multiple variations of switches, no luck yet. Hardly yellowed at all, looks very nice.

- Macintosh LC III, works great, 36MB RAM, System 7.6.1. Quite badly yellowed around where a monitor stand used to sit, otherwise looks nice.

- Power Macintosh 4400/200 with a 2GB drive, works great.

- Performa 6320, OS 8.5, works great. Hardly yellowed at all.

- Performa 6400, 40MB RAM, 1.58GB drive, OS 9, works great.

- Box full of different ADB mice, loads of them. And a puck mouse too.

- Box full of various 3.5" IDE and SCSI drives, some small and some large.

- A huge and very heavy 600MB external SCSI drive. Label on the bottom says Formac 1993. Works great.

- An ADB Apple Keyboard, it looked disgusting - all the keys were a dark brown, but after washing the keys with bleach, washing up liquid and cold water, they now look great. The keys are not even yellowed, except for the spacebar (?).

- An Apple StyleWriter II, not tested yet.

- 4 SCSI floppy drives from Macs.


I got all that for only £15. :b&w:

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Fantastic...finally got video working on the IIci. Unfortunately it has System 6.0.7 which is a pain in terms of the lack of multitasking. Will get System 7.1 on it soon. I think I am enjoying this machine the most out of the ones I got. Could do with more RAM though, it only has 8MB.


Floppy drive in the LC III was broken, floppies inserted would not 'clamp down'. Swapped it with a spare drive which semi-works, I think the heads need cleaning.


On closer inspection of the 6400, it seems the subwoofer adjustment knob on the back is missing, oh well.


Tested the StyleWriter II, it powers on and makes lots of lovely sounds.


Nothing else to report just yet, but I am sure I'll find some time tomorrow to play with my new toys. :b&w:

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Here's the LC III setup as it is now (sorry the picture isn't better, this was taken under relatively unbalanced lighting conditions, and as a result I have enhanced the curves, levels and color balance in Photoshop):




Should be getting an Ethernet card for it soon! :b&w:

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It seems that the Macintosh IIci, like the IIcx, only like to work properly with fixed resolution 640x480 monitors. However, I have had my IIcx running on an Apple Multiple Scan display and a couple of standard VGA monitors, with mixed results. A common problem is a green tinge to the picture. At least you got yours working. System 7.1 is the best for the Macintosh II series in my opinion as it will give you a good deal of functionality but not slow the System down as much as 7.5.

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