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Email on the Newton

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I was wondering if any of you can still successfully send email from your Newton. I've been able to set up Eudora to receive messages, but modern email servers seem to require SSL for sending messages which I can't get to work on my Newton. I'd really like to be able to send messages on the Newton if possible. If you've gotten yours to work, would you mind sharing which Newton app you use, which email service, and what settings you have? Thanks

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Mail is going rough for me right now. I am getting help from NTLK, and that has been great. I can't say enough good things about Ron Parker and Simon Bell. It does not like Yahoo or Gmail, although US based Yahoo Plus should work. Try Mail V.

I didn't have any better luck with Mail V. I'm beginning to think that modern SSL email services just won't work with a Newton. I wish I knew how to program so I could just write my own app, but I have zero programming ability.

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