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3 things for $10 a piece. Which one should I grab?

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Well, it seems Bunsen does not like me :(


I did a search on these forums for both terms, but nothing came up. I ALWAYS search before I ask.


Oh well...


In any case, I tried booting the II from 3 separate 6.0.3 boot disks I have, and I got a smiling mac for a second, and then rejection. I tried the disks in my 540c, and they all mounted fine, so I have a bad disk drive. I should have known when the disks would not go into the drive easily, I had to take the top cover off to load them into it. So now I need to hunt down a replacement (I think I have some FDHD drives, which I have used as 800K only drives in the past just fine.), or I might rip the unit apart and clean it up a bit.


Until I can get it to boot, I will take the beastly 5.25" HD into another mac and attempt to put 7.5.3 on it, and update that to 7.5.5.


-digital ;)

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