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Problems reviving a 9600.

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i wonder if a failing PSU could cause this ?


does everthing on the motgherboard look good like the caps and other.


its to bad you no longer have the orignal hardware, i find its always good to keep the orignal CPU (if its good) Video card (if it came with one), and ram (if its good) just for these issues you are having now, just so you could test.


I went over the board very closely a few days ago looking for missing resistors or busted batteries/caps; nothing. :-\


And yeah, I definitely wish I still had some original parts. But I threw away nearly all of my Mac junk earlier this year when I was convinced that my days of playing with old Macs were behind me.


So wrong...


I hauled the beast back across the house to where I have a non-widescreen display. Plugged everything back in. Powered on and the screen flickered and went blank. Still no display. After saying a few choice words, I opened the case and pulled the Radeon out. Reset the PRAM 3 times. Plugged the DB-15 to VGA adapter in and started up. Success. Full colour and the desktop all there


So, now the big question is what type of display are you plugging into? Also have you pulled the battery and left it out for any length of time?


You reset the PRAM or the CUDA? I still can't get PRAM to take from the keyboard command.


I'll try removing the card and hitting the CUDA a few times.


And I'm using a standard ratio 15" HP CRT w/ VGA. So I doubt it's causing any problems.


Thanks for the continued help guys. I appreciate it.

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