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Is This Tablet Broken?

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If anyone has or uses a Wacom digitizer tablet I could sure use some help. I have not been able to locate any kind of user guide for this thing.


I was given a Wacom drawing tablet with the ADB connection and it has been sitting around for a while. Finally got a USB to ADB adapter and downloaded Wacom driver for OS 9. I tried to install it on my Lombard running 9.2.1. The tablet must be hooked up to install. It asks what kind of connection the tablet has, but whether I select USB or ADB, it says it can't find a tablet. The tablet itself, when hooked up, is receiving power, there is a red light on in the upper right "status" area.


Does the red light mean it's not going to work? The installer wants to know if the light is green or yellow, and doesn't mention red. I wants ta draw some pitchers! :'(

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Haven't tried my ArtZ tablet with OS X yet. Post your type of USB to ADB adapter and what USB adapter driver version and maybe others can help on that configuration part. In my ArtZ manual it says in summary that red light=ADB power is being received OK (good news), and if Stylus is detected (not just touching but either pressed down, or button pressed) on the tablet the light should turn green. A quick test on a 9.1 ADB only system with no Wacom driver installed and I get this red status light turning green while stylus pressed behavior.

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Edit: Here's the info from Wacom.


"A. The Wacom Serial tablets can be used with a Serial to USB adapter in operating systems up to 9.2.2. Wacom has tested the Keyspan (www.keyspan.com) Serial to USB adapter. If you have a Macintosh tablet with an ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) interface (the tablet model number will end in "A"), the iMate USB to ADB adapter from Griffin Techonlogy (www.griffintechnology.com) will work to adapt the tablet to USB. .


NOTE: OSX requires a USB tablet. ADB and serial models will not work in OSX.

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