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Help with Wireless newton connection

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Hello can anyone help me set up my MP2100...


The card in question is a Lucent WaveLAN Silver


I have the appropriate drivers loaded and All my info setup under Owner Info


Done Internet Setup


Loaded Enroute (latest version from UNNA) may need some extra plugins.


The card flashes but my wireless router(BT Voyager 2091) does not seem to register it. Set up The SSID and WEP key but it complains it can not find the DHCP server unavailable or unable to configure this device.


Anyone any ideas on how to solve this ?

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Have you given it a shot (if your router supports it) with going into 802.11b ONLY mode? My older belkin had issues with this, but worked great once in b only mode. I have kept it around with only the newton's mac address allowed, and plug it in only when I want newt online. Kind of weird, but it works!



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I did once try my Orinoco/Lucent Gold card in my Newton 2000 and the drivers didn't want to work for it either. I can't remember what the error was but I'll have a look this weekend and see if I can get any more information from it. Certainly the card works perfectly and is of the correct standard, since it functions properly with the Wavelan drivers on my PowerBook 1400.

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