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printing with colorstylewriter 2200

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Using the right ink cartridge for your documents


You can use either of two ink cartridges with the Color StyleWriter 2200:


the color cartridge, which contains two replaceable ink tanks (one color ink

tank and one black ink tank) or the black cartridge, which contains one

replaceable black ink tank.

For color printing or just a few pages of black-and-white or grayscale

printing, use the color cartridge.

For more than four pages of black-and-white or grayscale printing, consider

using the black cartridge. You should also consider using the black cartridge

when any of these factors are important:

• high-resolution printing

• high-speed printing

• cost-effective printing


Page 23



So I think there are two diferent holders for ink cartrides, can anybody confirm that?

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Yes, there are 2 different cartridges.


One style cartridge holds the larger capacity black ink tank. A different cartridge holds a small capacity black ink tank and a small capacity colour ink tank.


You can still pick up both cartridges as these are the same tanks as those used in the Canon BJC-70, BJC-80, and BJC-85

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