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I recently finally got an apple IIe. However I find myself without any knowledge about the machine (last time I used one I was about 5 :p)

Anyway, after some time reading faqs in apple 2 websites I came to the conclusion that I would need an apple II super serial card (or communication card) to make it talk to the pc. I've also read that it is theoretically possible to read apple II disks on a pc with a 5 1/4 drive. Unfortunately I only have a mac so it might be a bit tricky (but I should be able to get an old pc).


the main problem I have is that I have absolutely no disks for the system! That means I have no dos or anything like that. So i can't really do anything with the thing at the moment. I tried to find info, but all i could get is some url where i can download prodos. However, how can I get it to my apple 2? I was wondering if any of you could perhaps make a copy for me together with some apps so i can actually try the machine. Meanwhile i'll try to get a super serial card.


Anyway, thanks!

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adt pro since really useful! I don't know if it will have a super serial card, but well throuh the sound trick it should be possible to copy the stuff.


I hope MacMan you weren't bidding! There was also anotherone for the same price but only with 1 floppy drive. They usually go for around £100 which is far too much for me to pay.


Anyway, as soon as I get it i'll start playing with it. I'll keep you posted

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Holy crap - that is *awesome*.

I never would have thought to transfer data through

the audio port of a Mac.

Makes sense though.




In fact -- that method was used to make the data for this video > "Beautiful Ground" available

for people to run on their own APPLE][ computers at home ! lol


Here's the data for the video > "Beautiful Ground" Audio DataStream




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