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mac classic with checkerboard problem

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I don't recommend leaving it immersed so long. It might very well be ok, but I don't have any direct experience to give me "that warm fuzzy feeling" that it is.


I would just give it a good thorough scrubbing, then rinse with distilled water (if available), and dry thoroughly as soon as possible.

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I don't recommend leaving it immersed so long.

That's precisely why I've never even used a dishwasher, despite the many reports that say it works. I've always been afraid of water getting into places that it could not so easily escape from, even after a day of sunlight outdoors. There's just something about "water and electronics" that don't mix!


So what I've done is use Dehydrated Ethanol (99.8% pure). It takes more work than a dishwasher would, but I rest easier at night! Ethanol leaves no residue whatsoever and evaporates very quickly. Works great to clean up old SE/30 motherboards with spilled electrolytic capacitor fluid.

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Gobabushka -- JDW probably has more experience with this procedure than anyone else here. He's consistently replaced all of the capacitors (unlike lazy ol' me), and has been rewarded with a high success rate. So if you really want to resurrect that Mac, pay more attention to his (archived) posts than to anyone else's.

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