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Classic II, no boot

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Hi all, been reading through here for a few hours but I can't find any mention of the problem I have.


I got a Classic II from a mate to fix and got it set up and it brought back so many memories I went out and got my own Classic II.


But this Classic II got yesterday just doesn't want to boot, the CRT is lighting up and it's playing the "ding" at power on but then some strange music comes in that's baffling me as it doesn't happen on the other Classic. There is nothing displayed on the CRT at all no matter how long I leave it on for. One thing I noticed (please excuse the "noobish" description here, I was too young at the time of this hardware to know everything) is on the motherboard there are four samsung socketed chips however on this mac it seems one of them has been replaced with a sharp chip, or maybe this is normal.


Here's the mac booting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SUfdUbsnvM



Any thoughts appreciated,


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Reseat the RAM, unplug disconnect all external devices, floppy drives, SCSI, etc., except keyboard and mouse, disconnect internal SCSI hard drive cable from logic board, check Lithium CMOS battery (purple and green) for correct voltage, zap the P-RAM (Parameter RAM), if there is a ROM SIMM, then reseat that. If all else fails, remove RAM, disconnect internal SCSI cable, remove Lithium battery and turn on. Power on for 5 seconds then turn off. Reconnect everything and see if it turns on and boots. If not, I would suspect a bad capacitor problem or a bad filter on the logic board.


Let us know what you do.


73s 8)

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If some percussive maintenance got it working again, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that something's loose. Go through the box and check every bloody little thing, even if it doesn't look like it even has a connector. Reseat everything in sight. If that doesn't fix it, THEN go for complicated things like caps and such.


Also, when you take out the RAM, make sure your hands are clean and wipe off the contacts with your fingers. That might just be the issue.

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