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Classic has no sound

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My good 'ol barely-clinging-to-life Classic has no sound. Nothing comes out of the built-in speaker, and there's nothing when used with external speakers. I know that this thing has some serious issues with leaky caps and corrosion on the logic board, so could that have caused it? If so, is there any way to make the sound come back?


Thanks! :beige:

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Sounds like the leaky caps are the cause of the problem (had something similar with my SE/30)


The dishwasher trick should fix it or, if you don't fancy going that far, just try surface cleaning using a q-tip (can't remember precisely where you need to look on the board though and probably best to clean all and any gunk you find)

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Indeed. I just fixed an SE/30 with the same symptoms with a little isopropyl alcohol and some cotton swabs to rub away any oil, corrosion, or whatever may be on the board. On the Classic II, I believe the sound chip is integrated with the EAGLE gate array, so look for the big VLSI chip on the board. Failing that, or in case the entire board is pretty bad and you don't want to rub everything, the dishwasher treatment should work fine -- just be sure to remove the RAM first.

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