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Worth anything?


Where the eMate really excels is the ability to be used as a long battery life word processor. It has a minimum of distractions and you can also quickly add sketches into your text docs.


Since you are going into teaching and you don't mind using vintage computers, think of it this way - there will always be students who need to complete a writing assignment in a given subject area. They don't need the distraction of the Internet and you don't want the students to use your personal laptop computer. Or, you are on a fieldtrip (or just outside the school building) and you want students to have a written record of what they observed.

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To a collector, an eMate with accessories can fetch at least $50. The biggest foible with these is the springs on the hinge slipping and piercing the video cable. Not too common, but can happen and is entirely fixable.


I had a lot of about 25 a few years back and sold them off ranging from cost of shipping to $50 - then I learned more about them and developed my own way of rebuilding the hinges from scratch (vice repairing the old ones) but i digress...


As for the inherent worth of an eMate, think of it as a laptop computer cut to the bare basics with no frills. I have two, one I use on occassion. It is basically like having an MP2100 with a built in keyboard (and a slightly slower processor).


The biggest strength is having Newt Works. It is the ultimate word processing app for any hand held.

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I learned more about them and developed my own way of rebuilding the hinges from scratch (vice repairing the old ones) but i digress...

Would you be willing to share your technique ?

I have 5 or 6 in a box I would like to fix up. All are functional, but to do a hinge fix on them will make them golden. I plan to do the battery fix that uses easily replaced NiMH AA's.


PM me, please.

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I have an eMate 300 - found it quite impressive. Despite being a Newton they are not small at all. Having a serial connection that doesn't need an easily lost or broken adapter is also an advantage. I believe you can repack the batteries if they are dead as well.

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one great thing is its "instant -on" capability. I use mine for writing and keeping a journal. It can go anywhere and is always ready to work wihout waiting for bootup. Other advantages is that it is quiet and does not heat up in your lap.


I took it out of town just this past weekend to a cabin in the woods and to do some writing. When I got in a converstation about building some shelves, It came in handy for drawing and taking notes.

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There's a local seller who has them regularly for $20 with no PS. I've been pondering one for a while now


Where's "local"?? Yeah, I'd pick on up local for $20. Prolly two.


I think the Newton OS is one of the strongest operating systems every written for the general population. The emate is my favorite. They keyboard isn't great, but it's nice to have. I wish it had the power of the 2100, but with the emate upgrade, it's not too bad. I used one as my college chemistry lap notebook for a year, taking notes, making charts and writing papers. It worked really well.



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