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LC TDK PSU issues

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Hi everyone,

I have a TDK supply that has a really strong burning smell and gunk all over. I am going to send off for all the caps on the right side on Friday and give it a thorough clean. Just wondering if there is an issue with CR4 and what part it is, the smell seems to come from that part.


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i think it is a zener diode, and if its heating up its shorted. 


If it is shorted, then there has to be a reason why. if the power supply doesnt work, then the mitsubishi PWM IC is probably dead with it. 

The system is lifeless and does nothing at all when switched on with this supply, have to share my good astec one between my LC and LC475.

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32 minutes ago, techknight said:

Its a voltage regulator. Without xray vision I dont know which. 


Easiest way to find out is measure it for shorts first, if there are none, then attempt to power on the supply and measure the input vs output voltage. thats how you tell if its bad or not. 

Can be a CT7912? Positive or negative? ....the old component is destroyed, I tested it same as thyristor and is died...

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