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SE/30 Green Fuzzies!

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I have this Mac SE/30 that was in pretty bad shape.  I'm going to recap it hopefully soon.


But after really looking close, I'm seeing this green "fuzz" all over the place.  Pretty much every where a capacitor was, a nearby chip has the corrosion all over the pins.  


I'm really wondering if this board is a lost cause.  I'm sure with enough time I could probably fix it.  But some of those IC's look to be very hard to find.  


The worst example are UB10 and UB11  (Sony audio).  But others are almost as bad including some of the VLSI chips.


This is my only SE/30.  I have three other classic Macs (SE FDHD, etc.) but this is the only '030 classic Mac I have.


I'm not so much disappointed about not having a '030...I don't really need the speed.  I just hate seeing a vintage computer become too damaged to repair.


What do you suggest?  I have the equipment to remove the IC's properly.  But is it worth the effort?  What would you do?


Thanks for any suggestions.





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Also, why use a brass brush? Curious on that one.



Brass is supposed to be pretty soft. You could probably use some other kind of metal brush as well. I did not try anything else - just sharing what I tried so far and it did work out pretty good.

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I think a toothbrush will also work.  You can buy soft, medium or hard when you buy a tooth brush.  I use soft.

I have used vinegar and I had no problems with it eating up the traces.  Try Apple Cider vinegar to give your SE/30 that fresh apple pie smell.  ;)



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Thanks for all of the suggestions!


So I tried vinegar and a dental pick.  I scrapped dozens of pins (very carefully) and I cannot believe the difference it made.  I'll post some pics soon.


I know I didn't get all of it.  Especially what might be lurking under the IC's.  But considering I cannot find many of these chips and I do not have spares, I think this is the best I can do at the moment.


I have to admit this board won't be my finest work.  But, if I can at least bring it back from the dead for a while...then it will have been worth it.

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