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I was running my iMac G3 when I noticed that the screen suddenly turned to grey (same as the default desktop color) and then faded to black. I thought maybe it had fallen asleep or something like that, and hit the power button which caused it to shut down. I started it back up again and it got to the desktop normally, but after a few minutes the screen again turned grey and then faded off after about a full second, forcing me to again power it down.


Now when I try to turn it back on, the screen remains off. I have monitored the machine during startup and it sounds as though it is spinning up correctly and working in every other capacity except for the screen. Could this be an issue with the flyback transformer, or something else?

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I thought as much, but actually after doing some reading it sounds as though a common symptom of a flyback malfunction is that the machine tries to start up but then shuts down again after ~10 seconds. Is it possible that something else could be the culprit?


In any case I'll try to disassemble the unit and take a closer look sometime this week. I'll post more as developments unfold.

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