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Left behind a Newton OMP H1000 in a thrift shop

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Hello, last week I did some thrift shop browsing and noticed a Newton OMP H1000. They realized it was an Apple and priced it accordingly at $89 CAD. I left it behind because it wasn't in the greatest cosmetic shape, it didn't have any cables or charger. I tried to turn it on but no luck, I didn't have batteries I could instal to test it out.


It did have the stylus and the "Getting Started" card in the slot. I had already spent a bunch of money that afternoon so I thought I would show some restraint but now I'm second guessing. It seems like I can get a more complete set in better cosmetic shape on eBay. 


Was this a missed opportunity? 


P.S. I almost bought a Sony Mavica floppy digital camera for nostalgia but it was missing a battery.

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I got my OMP (the very first version) for 50 euros boxed with everything including the tape. The getting started card doesn't work (battery probably perished, now it's gone for good... That reminds me, I'll have to buy another one soon).



I dunno, maybe those things are scarce in Canada, but 90CAD seems a bit steep for a unit in C+ condition...

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