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Looking for ToolFrontEnd.sit.hqx from Apple Develop Issue 25 Bookmark CD

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Hey everyone, I've been on a search for a few days now for a particular developer tool that was once available for download from ftp.apple.com It's called ToolFrontEnd, It was a plugin that allowed developers to run MPW commands from codewarrior as part of their automated build scripts.


Why do I need it? I'm trying to build the first release of Mozilla when it was first made open source in 1998.


I've found an archive of the website for ToolFrontEnd on archive.org here: 



And heres the dead link for where it was on the apple ftp server:



Apple used to publish a quarterly periodical called 'Develop', Each issue came with a cd called the bookmark CD, which as I understand it contained all of the information from every previous issue's cd (cause 650mb was an impossibly large amount of space in 1996) Does anyone have any issues of Develop lying around? I'm looking for a file called ToolFrontEnd that would have been on issue 25 and possibly newer issue's bookmark cds.


I found the cd for issue 27 on ebay, and that might be my best bet, but I thought I would try here first to see if any of you all could save me the trouble.


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