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SE/30 FDD stopped working correctly

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Hi all.


Recenlty my FDD stopped being able to format 1.4 floppies. But 800kb formatted perfectly.


I tried to:

  • replace FDD from my Classic II
  • replace FDD cable
  • clear small puddles of electrolyte around capacitors on motherboard

Computer correctly determines the type of diskette, so sensor working correctly.


After formatting of 1.4 diskettes Mac OS show message about defective diskette, but another computer formatting it without any problem.

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Maybe the SWIM chip isn't working properly, or the logic board traces connected to it. I don't remember if the SE/30 has Bourns filters, but those could also be a problem. 1.4MB floppies use a faster data rate than 800K, so if the floppy data path is degraded, it might fail at 1.4MB speeds but still work at the slower 800K speeds.

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  • 68kMLA Supporter

So the only solution will be the motherboard replacement?


No, have this one repaired. At this late date it is a surprise to find any non-recapped SE/30 that works at all. As time goes by, more and more of these boards will become unrepairable. Get it fixed while it still has a chance.

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Today I checked all lines that going to FDD connector on PCB. I used a scans of official Apple schematics.


No one of the lines are damaged. I also removed a bourn filter from PCB.


But still my SE/30 can't format 1.4 and 800k floppies...

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