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New Hard Drive options on 8600

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I'm evaluating my HDD options for an 8600, I want something newer that will last, here are the options I have come up with:



New 80-pin SCA SCSI with an adapter down to 50-pin

SATA to 40-pin PATA adapter + a PCI Card supporting PATA (though not sure if you can boot off that)


I would assume the v5 SCSI2SD would be a bottleneck, but the specs of the v6 board might be enough, it claims up 10MB/s SYNC.


The 80-pin SCA to 50-pin SCSI "should" work, its not going to be a "new" drive, but I could find a new old stock unit somewhere.


The SCSI2SD v6 might be the best, just curious is the specs stack up and can compliment the power of the 8600. In an LCIII or IIci, its a no brainer.




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Unfortunately, a quick ebay search of those PCI SATA cards yielded nothing. Funny thing is I used to have one. From 2000 to 2010, I had a 400Mhz graphite G4 tower as my main machine for my business, I prided myself on using a 10 year old machine, in a last ditch effort, I got one of those PCI SATA cards, but shortly after the studio display died, and some of the canned caps were starting to go (the machine ran non-spot for most of those years), I ended up just throwing it out sometime in 2011.


I'm going to buy a SCSI2SD v6 anyway for my Quadra 605 since I use that machine alot, and will be turning it into a vintage webcam, so I'll test with the 8600 and see how the performance is.

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I miss the old SCSI 160 & 320s that had 500 bh mtbf.... And a hardware jumper setting, that made it "Read Only", or "Write Lock", so that I could make it "Storage only", and it would NEVER get infected, or tampered with, as, it was a physical jumper, that couldn't be hacked, without opening my enclosure...

I really wish companies would add that feature again. It was simple & clean. 

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You can pick up 68 pin MAC ROM SCSI cards for $10-15 shipped, and a 72GB SCSI drive with adapter and 60 pin terminated cables are probably $25. IDE cards are also inexpensive but a little harder to find.


The SCSI cards are more versatile since you can add scanners, removable media, and multiple HDS internal and external.


I think SATA cards are better in G4 native machines.

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