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SE/30, SCSI2SD and ROM-inator II

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Good Morning All, I have completed the upgrades to my SE/30 and I thought I'd share my experience.  I replaced the system HD with a 16 GB SCSI2SD divided into 5 partitions.  The first one I kept down to 2 GBs for compatibility, three more sized at 4 GBs, and the final leftover is 718 MBs.  The ROM-inator II has a compressed ROM disk using OS 7.1 but I ran into problems using the Apple HD SC Setup program 7.5.3 as it wouldn't run under 7.1.  Also the OS 7.5.3 install disks wouldn't boot with the clean ROM installed; it would freeze at the welcome screen (but it booted fine with the original ROM).  Since I have a SCSI2SD in my LC475 and it can boot it into 7.5.5 from an external drive, I used it to partition the 16 GB SD card.  It worked fine which then allowed me to start on the OS install in the SE/30.


The OS install/patch procedure for the SE/30 is required as it looks at the gestalt ID and the OS 7.5.3/7.5.5 installations will fail if it doesn't get the expected results.  The clean ROM usually comes from the ROM-inator II SIMM or a borrowed IIsi or IIfx SIMMs.  This allows the SE/30 to run in true 32-bit mode instead of 24-bit mode and access more RAM.  In my case this SE/30 has 128 MBs.  The procedure refers to first installing OS 7.0.1 and 7.1 as they don't conflict with a clean ROM.  As it turned out that was unnecessary.  I could boot from the ROM-inator II's ROM disk and run the 7.5.3 installation from disk (or EMU Floppy) which did work and I performed an Easy and Clean install.  Then reboot into the ROM disk and run ResEdit 2.1.3 to edit the System 7.5 Update and System file in the System Folder.  I found System Picker 1.1a3 and Mode 32 v7.5 to not be required.


Afterwards, I installed the OS 7.5.5 update and patched it successfully.  Finally, I added the updates for building a modern System 7.5.5.  So the SE/30 works great and working the way I want it.  If any further details are needed please let me know.


I do have a question but I'l post that separately as it's on an unrelated subject.


Thank you,


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Thanks olePigeon and good luck with your Iici.  Using an SD card for the system drive is dead quiet but speed is limited by the SCSI bus.  My focus was making my SE/30 as fast as possible.


Blougram, according to my document, Mode32 is run to remove it from the system disk if it's installed.  Originally when I bought my SE/30 it was running OS 7.5.5 with Mode32 on it's HD.  After installing the new ROM SIMM and SCSI2SD I decided to do a full, fresh install.  I had problems booting floppies or EMU Floppy images made with 7.5.3 with the new ROM-inator II installed so I did a clean install as the OS must be patched as each OS update is applied.  This document is on the BMOW website under archives and called Mac SE/30 with Upgraded ROM.  It will be interesting to see if you can boot after you remove Mode32 and patch the system file in the System folder.  I see no reason why it shouldn't work but I suggest you do a backup just in case something weird happens.



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I was wondering how you got the rom-inator ii, and scsi2sd to work?  My scsi2sd was working fine, but once I replaced the rom it no longer detects it.  hd dc setup does not detect it, but when I check with scsiprobe it shows it as disk0.  Wasn't sure how you got it to work?

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