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Daystar SE/30 Powercache help

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I have been playing around with my new SE/30 with a Daystar SE/30 Powercache for the socketed motherboard, and I have a few questions about what is needed to run it. I have OS 7.5.5 on my computer, and I installed the Daystar Power Central v1.3 control panel, which is the only one I could find. I should be using v2.2 with OS 7.7 according to this:




Does it matter that I am using v1.3 and not v2.2?  


I am considering installing OS 7.1 instead, as I prefer it. Plus I managed to snag a IIsi rom on ebay for $12 and I am a bit intimidated by the number of steps in getting it to work properly under OS 7.5. On the other hand, this computer also has an Asante ethernet card, and from what I gather there is a bit of futzing to get that fully functional under OS 7.1.





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With an accelerator 7.5 is fast. 7.1 will be faster but you will have some trouble with some apps. What are the specs of your Powercache, is it the 50MHz model?


Mine works great on 7.5.1 with Powercentral 1.3, so I guess you're good...


With the IIsi ROM you'll be able to break the 8mb wall, which is great.

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It is the 40MHz . . . the label was worn off the crystal and I originally thought it was a 50, but testing proved otherwise. 


Yeah, 32-bit clean will be nice. I have 20mb in there now with mode32. I tried to swap the 32mb out of my other SE/30 but those simms did not work in the socked board for whatever reason.  

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