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Power Mac G5 2x2.0 GHz

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Hey, I received a G5 2x2.0 GHz last Friday and decided to post here. I got it for $60 dollars (seller was giving it away, I just paid packaging/shipping). I put a 500 GB SanDisk SSD in it and installed Leopard on that as well as a 500 GB 7200 RPM drive running Tiger. Let me know if you guys have any fun suggestions for it/things I should do/install on it. I recorded a video of Mario 64 being emulated under Tiger on it which you can see here:


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Hey congrats, I was going to post my conquest (I got mine today, it was free but I gave the seller a $15 doughnut shop gift card for it) but it's pretty much the same thing and I'm curious too. I never thought of an emulation machine. I used to use a machine like this when I first graduated university and was working in a printing company, so my first thought was legacy Adobe software.  


Which version is yours? Mine is a Powermac 7,3  (early 2005) with PCI slots (not PCI-X). Are you going to stick with Tiger or Leopard?

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I never did any maintenance with mine yet (towers). I figure if the CPU paste needed redone the CPUs would run hot and the fans would kick it up a bit so you would notice (none of mine are water cooled).


The Imac G5's I have did get new paste since I had to take the motherboards out to recap them anyway plus the cooling systems isn't as good as the towers.

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In general, reapplying the paste will be something you either will or won't do based on whether it needs it. If you live in a climate that's not particularly dry and the CPUs don't run too hot, then the paste is still fine.


I live in Arizona and don't run a humidifier or anything so my systems' heatsink paste wears out sooner than most.


Outside of general cleaning and dusting, the bit of physical maintenance I'd probably consider most is putting in a new disk or an SSD.

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