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Macintosh SE/30 and ROM GGLABS MACSIMM

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Hello ! 


I bought a ROM GGLABS MACSIMM to 2 reasons : 

  • Expand memory over 8Mb 
  • Boot in Hard Drive mode with my Floppy Emul

The seller told me that IIsi ROM is flashed on it and tested. 


But something is curious : 


When I boot on floopy disk it's ok.

Now if I try with the hard drive, the message "Welcome to Macintosh" is showed but nothing happens. 

idem with Floppy Emul in hard drive mode. 


Notice : When  I boot on floppy disk I can't see any SCSI device.


Have an idea about my problem ?





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This may or may not help...


I had an SE/30 and bought a ROMINATOR II and had some very interesting results:

-It booted just fine from the ROM ([apple]+[r])

-It would refuse to boot from SCSI with any system higher than 7.1

-It would boot higher versions of 7 from floppy and would install without error, then simply refuse to boot to the device installed upon.

-I tried it with or w/o Mode32 in sys folder

-It had none of these problems booting from the original ROM


Seems like I found a posting somewhere online about differences in SE/30 logicboards (Dark vs light green). Mine it would seem was "dark" (and dated 1989). I'm writing this from a foggy memory ;) so I hope it at the very least may point you in a helpful direction. Th machine was configged as such:


-128MB RAM

-Nothing in PDS slot

-SCS2SD (configged for ID2 and ID0)


Good luck. :)

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So, basically what I was suggesting above? You really will need to do the software patches... ResEdit isn't that difficult to use, and infact I think it is a very fun tool to use! If you need some help with ResEdit, I could help you.

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Hey hunter44102! Great link! (for the sake of the original poster) Wish I had found it or it had been up when I was fiddlin' with the SE/30.


I gave all my old Macs to my Uncle Steve (Who really collects Macs) and have gone pretty much Amiga and Apple IIgs w/ a smatter ing of 8-bit A2, C64.


Only mac I have now is a very nice Plus Uncle Steve sent to live with me. (Was thinking about doing the ROMinator on it). The Plus sits with a single Atari ST as examples of "Other beloved 16-bit machines." :) Gotta draw the line somewhere, one could end up buried in old boxes and not even have time to actually turn one on and enjoy it.

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