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Software Haul!!

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Hit the jackpot as far as software goes....all of this came today:


* New in box Sensei Geometry program. I loaded it onto my LC to try it out before I use it with the kids. The slider on the disk was frozen shut; I was able to get it unstuck and the program copied fine, but as soon as the copy was finished, the LC informed me there was a disk error and I couldn't continue. Better make a backup right now!!


* A 10 user license of ClarisWorks!! My kiddos can do some word processing in my mini-lab now on a more grown-up program, rather than use Kid Works or Print Shop!! There can also be some good spreadsheet lessons involved, all of which can transfer to a newer program in terms of skill set.


* A copy of FileMaker Pro and another MacWrite II. Not sure what I'll use the former with yet but I'm sure I'll find something! The latter is one I really like for its key features and lack of bloat.

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The Draw module in ClarisWorks is great for doing flow charts and various other diagrams too.


In third grade, I remember my puzzled teacher asking why I was using Draw for the creative writing assignment instead of a word processor. When I showed her my ideas typed inside little boxes and how I could move them around on a line showing the story's progression, and move ideas I wasn't sure about off the line to use later, she was hooked.

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