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1400c power on issue

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Hi, I have a 1400c that powered on using the reset switch in back when I first got it. Since then it will not power on at all.


I tried pulling the battery and AC adapter and holding the reset switch for 1 minute. I tried cutting the connection for the PRAM battery and letting it sit overnight. No luck. Only signs of life are the screen flashing and sound from speaker when i press the reset button when plugged in.


Are there any other tricks to get it started?





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First thing I'd check is to make sure there aren't any PCMCIA cards inserted. Some can cause issues with power I've found, no idea why. The second thing is try to turn it on without a battery inserted, I have a couple 1400 batteries that won't allow the system to start up with them installed.

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Strange one. Almost every time I plug the power adapter into mine it boots right up, maybe because of the dead PRAM bat? If it's finicky, sometimes I'll let it sit overnight and the next day it boots as normal when plugging in the hot AC adapter. Power strip cycling does the same thing.



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