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PowerExpress/PowerMac 9700 Prototype

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I was able to boot to an 8.6 install CD and connect to my Linux server over AppleTalk so that I could format the SCSI2SD with Lido. It would have been a lot easier with a USB floppy drive! I threw 8.6 onto the SCSI2SD since I knew that version worked.


I recovered 90% (I didn't copy some programs and damaged files) of the contents of the original hard drive, but there was nothing that looked like Apple internal or pre-release software on there. It almost looks like a hard drive transplanted from another Mac. I don't want want to expose somebody's personal information, so I won't post the whole set of files, but if anybody wants to looks through the System Folder I will post that. To my eyes it looks like a vanilla 8.6 install though.


I'm going to reformat the SCSI2SD with a bigger card and try to get some version of 9 on there, then I'll give Flasher a try. I'll post some screenshots of System Profiler shortly.

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On 3/11/2017 at 7:52 AM, captainserial said:

And there it stands for now. I don't want to stress the hard drive, so I'm switching to booting from the SCSI2SD to try to copy some files.

Hi captainserial! This is the first time I’ve chanced upon an OldWorld Mac showing a NanoKernel v2 termination log. It sure looks out of place! Would you mind if I snagged a copy of the System file on this machine? I suspect it might be a bit of an oddball.


Here’s my NK stuff: https://github.com/elliotnunn/powermac-rom






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IIRC, I've got a clip of that startup chime I made from the speaker/headphone jack hooked up to the PAS16 setup way back when. Gotta find it, I've been meaning to make that my ring tone over a period lasting several phones now. BTW, I just backed up the images from that guy's MacTrophy Room, awesome stuff.

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