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I got a Macintosh SE/30, that I paid $120 for. Its in working condition with a 2GB HDD, 68MB of RAM, System 7.0.1 Disks, as well as ADB keyboard, and this surprised me, an ADB optical mouse. It has a socketed CPU. For good measure, he put in a TORX driver for the screws behind the handle. Overall I'm fairly happy with this. Ill add some pictures later.

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As promised, here are a few more pictures. I wonder if this computer was originally an SE, and then upgraded to an SE/30, as it has a squirrel cage fan.


Front of the computer:



Back of the computer:



Interior of the computer (notice the squirrel cage fan):



A nice M0116 ADB keyboard with Salmon ALPS switches. These are one of my favorite ADB keyboards, second to the IIgs ADB keyboards:




Additionally, I got a whole bag of 1MB RAM SIMMs as part of this package. They are probably from before the computer was upgraded to 68MB. I plan on using a couple of them to upgrade my SE FDHD to 4MB (from its current 2MB). This computer seems like it had a color video card at one point in time, as the PDS expansion slot has a cover for a color card. The large amount of RAM, the large HDD, and the optical mouse make me wonder what sort of tasks this computer was used for in the past. I really like this computer though! I probably also need to order caps and recap the board myself. I may also replace a couple of ICs too while I am at it. Good news is the board was saved from PRAM battery explosion, and nothing looks terribly rotten. Additionally, the floppy drive has accumulated too much dust, so its time to clean and lubricate that as well. :b&w:

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This SE/30 has a socketed CPU logic board. Does anyone know when production for the the soldered CPU logic boards started? Looking at JDW's Flickr he has some date codes that are early 1990 (think 9013) on his soldered logic board. My SE/30 logic board has date codes of early 1989 (8907). That means that within about a year, Apple had already started producing the soldered version. Does anyone know approximately when in that time period that the soldered version was introduced?



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Are the gold-socketed SE/30 CPUs rare? I gave one to my cousin...

Not particularly, no. Out of my 3 SE/30 boards, two have the gold socketed 030. Best to look for early '89 examples if you need one.



I wonder if this computer was originally an SE, and then upgraded to an SE/30, as it has a squirrel cage fan.


The serial number indicates that SE/30 was made in 1989. It could have been an SE upgraded to an SE/30, but the squirrel cage fan was phased out in late '87. The serial number ends with "K03" and I've seen SE/30s before with "K01" serials. 

I'd say this is a proper SE/30 with a replacement analog board from an 87 SE.


NB: Awesome mouse BTW ! Congrats!

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Thanks. The more I looked at the interior of the SE/30, the more I thought that it had to be a genuine SE/30 and not an upgraded model, thanks for confirming that. I find it strange that someone would replace the analog board with one from an old SE, but you never know what the circumstances were when the board was replaced.


Regarding the mouse, I still need to purchase a pad for it, but I think it will be a fantastic mouse.


This board probably needs a re-cap, as it probably still has its original capacitors. Regarding that though, I am surprised that the board still works fine (minus sound). I would have thought a board with its original capacitors would have leaked to the point of being unusable.

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So this conquest continues to expand. If you remember looking at the pictures I posted earlier, you will notice that the PDS port slot had a insert for a Rasterops color graphics card. Thanks to Sexytaco, I was able to fill the hole in my SE/30! Really looking forward to color. :D


Graphics card:




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Well as I was looking closer at the logic board today, I realized that there was NOT an SE/30 ROM installed in the ROMSIMM slot. Rather a 512KB ROM SIMM (IIci/IIsi/IIfx?) was installed instead! Sweet, that means this machine is 32-bit clean (and no need to mess around with MODE32)!

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