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Mac IIfx turns on but no chime

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Yes the speaker was connected. I am lucky enough to have another logic board. I replaced many logic chips and still no luck. I'm thinking the main 68030 CPU might be blown. It happened before on another Mac II. I played around with the scope, but it's a bit hard without the schematics.


I'll hunt for a new CPU.


Do you know if I should at least get the startup chime *without* the 68882 co-processor?


Also, to get it, I must have at least for banks of RAM filled. Is that right?


Thank you.



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Ah, in my case it turned out to be the ROM. I tried a ROM-inator II from BMWOW and it's working now.

So now the question is: Is it possible to repair the bad ROM? How do I go about troubleshooting it? I don't see any replacement Mac IIfx ROMs available anywhere but I'm interested in restoring OEM parts as much as possible..

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if the ROM is bad, then it COULD be suffering from bit-rot if it started life as a PROM so it works exactly like EPROM but with no window. So you burn it and its done. 


if its mask-ROM its likely something different like failing buffer circuits etc internal to the IC. 

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