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Asante EN/SC SCSI to Ethernet I/F and the LC475

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Good morning to everyone.  I hope your having a great day.  I'm new here and so I'll give you a little background.  I like to tinker with old Macs and PCs and right now my focus is on old Apple computers.  I own two fully functional Apple IIGSes that have Utheret cards so I can FTP over to my Mac Pro.  


I also have an LC475 and an iMac G3 that I've upgraded a bit.  The LC475 has a full 68040 processor and 128 MBs of RAM.  I replaced the system drive with a SCSISD I/F and I run from a 32 GB miniSD card.  It took me a while to figure out how to divide up that much storage so it would work with OS 7.5.5.  I ended up with 12 partitions spread across three SCSI IDs.  There is also an Apple IIe card internally and two of those partitions are 32 MB ProDOS.


On the iMac G3, I've upgraded to 9.2.2 and added 1Gig of RAM.  I'm looking to replace the system drive with an IDE/SD I/F so I can reinstall a fresh copy of 9.2.2 since the previous owner left all her personal information all over the HD.  It will be faster and cleaner. It's saving grace was the ability to read and write standard HFS files used by System 7 and the extended HFS partition used by the Mac Pro with it running El Capitan.  I used a thumb drive to bounce files over to the 475.


I've been working on networking the LC475 to my home LAN but it's been a challenge.  I had a AsanteTalk I/F that worked but I had to use AppleTalk to get the LC475 and iMac to share files and it was unreliable.  I purchased an Asante EN/SC SCSI to Ethernet I/F box a long time ago but could not find the manuals or drivers.  So I recently found the box in storage and broke it out to try again.  I found the manuals and version 5.1.2 of the Asante EtherTalk installer and tried to use it but it really blew up my LC475. It screwed up the PRAM and reboots would freeze part way.  So I restored from my freshly made backup and went searching for more recent drivers.  I found Asante EtherTalk installer version 5.6.1 and when I ran this it installed without a hitch and now the EN/SC connects fine to my LAN.  I was able to share the Macintosh HD on the iMac with the LC475 and it's much faster and reliable.  Now the 475 has it's own IP address, I can ping it from my Mac Pro and I can FTP directly from the 475 to the Mac Pro without having to use the iMac.


Here's the but.  In the Asante EtherTalk Installer read me first file it says:



• Asante Mini ENSC  : Support Kanji Talk 7.5.3 , 7.5.5 on Macintosh 475 and 630,640 family.


Asante EN/SC family of Ethernet adapters are compatible with:

• Apple Macintosh System Software 6.0.7 and above 


• Macintosh Plus, Classic, Classic II, Color Classic, LC, LCII, LCIII series, SE, SE/30, II, IIx, IIcx, IIsi, IIci, IIvx,  Performa 200, and 400 series computers



NOTE: The EN/SC and EN/SC PB are not compatible with the Macintosh IIfx, 68040 computers, including LC475, 575, Centris or Quadra series computers



But in other incarnations, the LC475 is also known as a Quadra 605 and a Performa 475.  It says it supports the Performa 400 series but not the LC475.  And I'm running just fine.  Anyone have some insight into this?  I am confused!


Also, when I used the AsanteTalk I/F to share drives between both Macs, I could map the other's drives on both desktops.  Now with the EN/SC I can map the Macintosh HD from the iMac to the 475's desktop but I can't get the LC475's drives to map over to the iMac.  What am I missing?


Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.




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Wanted to give a small update.  The EN/SC I/F works fine but if idle for too long it goes to sleep.  I've been pinging the LC475 continously from the Mac Pro and after a while the it just stops responding.  When I turn on file sharing between the LC475 and the iMac G3 the I/F stays up and keeps responding to pings.  Must be a quirk of the Asante EN/SC.



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Welcome aboard! I'm not sure if I've caught any of your posts yet.


I don't have an EN/SC exactly, I've got one of the micro or mini units, hangs directly off the back of my PowerBook 180. I haven't yet seen a situation where it stops responding after a time, I'll have to inspect the configuration to see if it does it if I turn off the sharing.


On your 475 with 7.5.5, are you using OpenTransport or classic AppleTalk+MacTCP? I'm using OS 7.6.1 and OpenTransport (1.3 or 1.4 IIRC) and AppleShare 3.8.3 on my 180.


In terms of it working on the 475, are you using the version of that driver included  with that readme, or a newer driver? I'll have to check on the version of the driver I have. I wonder if it's "unsupported" because of differences in SCSI etc that Asante hadn't tested yet. In general, you don't "need" EN/SC on most '040s because they have LCPDS, NuBus, or onboard Ethernet, so Asante may simply not have tested it.

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