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Head hurts, IIvi versus IIvx

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Well I decided to open it up further. Mine has an 030 at 33Mhz with an FPU. Good! So that is spec for a IIvx. Wonder why Apple advertised it at 32MHz?


So my guess is -A came out for IIvx. Then -B was a revision which was used for the:


IIvx (32mhz 030 with FPU) (replaced -A board)

IIvi (16Mhz with no FPU)

Performa 600 (32mhz with no FPU)


The ones with no FPU seem to have had a socket to add one. So this makes more sense, -B might be a more "universal" board to accommodate the 16Mhz 030?

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