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A Tale of Two Quadras: 950 and WGS 95

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Drove to Bolton today (which is about half hour from Brampton) to pick up these machines:


Both work, but are unfortunately missing their keys to control the lock mechanism. The 950 has 45MB of RAM and I believe the WGS 95 has 16MB of RAM. The seller included an Apple NuBus video card, and a hard drive running 7.5. I also picked up some Apple technical books (Programmer's Introduction to the Macintosh Family, Inside Macintosh Series, and Programmer's Introduction to the Macintosh Family), and an AppleColor 13" High Resolution monitor (case is in excellent condition). 


More pics of the 950 and 95:











I'm not entirely sure what I am going to do with these two. There are numerous scuffs and scratches on both machines (the 950 is by far the worst with a cracked foot), although both motherboards and their respective interiors are quite clean. I was thinking of building one good machine (using the WGS case) and keeping the electronics of the WGS as spares. 

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I do have an A/UX drive for a IIci, but recently I've been receiving the message: macgetty is not executable; launching getty instead, and then it asks for a login prompt. The drive was partitioned to run 7.0.1 and A/UX 3.The HD is on its way out (Quantum Pro-Drive with a loud worn-bearing noise), but if there is a way to resurrect the A/UX software, I'm all ears. 

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Does either of these include the WGS 95 Pisces card?  Are the cache slots on the card populated with cache chips?


I’m would love to find these, in order to complete my WGS 95.

661-0791 SRAM SIMM 128K -17ns 68-Pin -WGS95
661-0792 SRAM SIMM 256K -17ns 68-Pin -WGS95
661-0793 SRAM SIMM TAG 48K -14ns 60-Pin -WGS95
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Drove to Bolton today (which is about half hour from Brampton) to pick up these machines

Another person in NW England! Good to know I'm not alone out here. =P


Those are fine examples of each machine. I've lusted after the 950 - and, let's be honest, the WGS - for quite some time.

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Pretty sure Concorde1993 is talking about Bolton, Ontario (in canada).


Ha. Yes. The mobile version didn't display his location. Interesting that there's a Bolton and Brampton so close to each other in both locations. People were so unoriginal back in the day when naming places...

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Good to see that this thread was revived. I've been busy with other things, so I'll provide a detailed update soon. Here are the fine points in the meantime:


(1) I sold the Quadra 950 tower (just the case; no electronics) and the WGS 95 bezel as they were very scratched up/broken in certain areas. So now I have the WGS body sporting a 950 bezel (and yes, I kept the tape drive).


(2) I swapped the key lock from the 950 tower to the WGS, which was left at the "ON" position. I do intend to get a key at some point, but right now it's not a priority.


(3) The computer crashes on shut down and restart. More on this later.

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On 3/30/2017 at 10:49 AM, Concorde1993 said:

(3) The computer crashes on shut down and restart. More on this later.

I'm curious to know what you discovered regarding this symptom. I have several 950s and only one of them has this issue, across multiple OS versions. More interestingly, when running from a 601 upgrade card, they symptom disappears.


It's the only one I have running at the full 256MB of RAM, so I've meant to remove some to see if that's the issue (256MB does cause errors in the RAM disk function on Q950s, again except when running from PPC- so both issues are related to the 040 ROM it seems, as the PPC card contains its own.)



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Reviving this thread because I finally fixed the crashing issue that has been plaguing my 950's HD since I got it (also got a key for it - thanks to Beachycove for that). Basically there were a couple of extensions that were causing the fault, one of them being some program called "FINDIT," which is now permanently removed. The others oddly enough were some Norton extensions, namely the Backup Scheduler, FastBack Scheduler, and Partition Extension. I ran a scan on the HD with Norton Disk Doctor using my IIfx and everything checks out fine. No bad sectors or bitmap errors or other such nonsense (for those who are interested, the HD is a 200MB PLI Model No. 000-0222-00). 


My intentions for this drive is to backup some applications, most notably After Dark 3.0, and then do a clean install and either run 7.5.5 or 8.1. As for the 950 itself, it has not been powered up in sometime (all of my attention is being devoted to my IIfx at the moment). My intent is to ultimately upgrade the RAM to its full 256MB, get the tape drive and my other A/UX HD working, and hopefully find some interesting cards for it. Speaking of RAM, I saw this on eBay. Opinions if its worth it. 



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On 4/9/2021 at 9:15 AM, taddy said:

I bought OWC memory for the Quadra 950 yesterday.
16MBx16 for 191.84 $

That's sweet. I've dealt with OWC before when I upgraded my Mac Pro 1,1 some years back. Very good quality. 

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20 hours ago, TheDoctor said:

I'm shocked that OWC is still selling 30-pin memory.

Probably best to grab some before it's gone.  They used to have memory for PowerMacs too; wish I had gotten more of that before it disappeared.  I think it was last year that I bought enough RAM from them to max out my Quadra 800.

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