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Replacement 30-pin SIMM Sockets?

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Probably will work. I suggest taking calipers to the SE/30 and compare to the datasheet, just to be sure. Compare the pin pitch and outer footprint from the datasheet with measurements from the SE/30.


Metal tabs -- sounds a lot better than the terrible simm sockets that I have seen on SE and SE/30 boards.


Do you have a desoldering iron (the vacuum type) for removing the old sockets?

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In a pinch you can use zip-ties (cable ties) and/or a piece of gorilla tape (or similar) bound against the other SIMMs to keep the tabless SIMM upright and within its slot.  Probably best to get a period-correct SIMM slot if you are wanting an authentic restoration.


I have a donor SE/30 logic board (battery explosion) that could be used as a donor for your needs. Let me know.

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I bought a bunch of two socket assemblies (IIRC, from Jameco) but the sockets are too close to each other. So i cut them into single sockets with a Dremel Cutting wheel. The pins and plastic tabs all match up. I suspect the pin and tab spacing is standardized. We had a thread discussing this a few years ago I think. Looks loke back in 2012 but haven't found the post yet...

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I was actually able to remove most of the solder with a hand pump.  The pins on the sockets are so small, and the through holes so large, that it just sucked it right out.  A lot of flux and flux soaked braid while wriggling the pins with the iron worked well enough to completely free them.  I did have to cut the cross members of the bad sockets with a pair of side cutters to split them from pairs into singles.  And also, the ground plane connections were brutal (only 4 pins per socket, you can see them in the picture, with solder still in the holes).  I ended up using a tiny bit of Chip Quik on them because I didn't dare turn the iron up past 300.  I'd heat the first one, then pull it free, then move to the 2nd one, until all four were "zippered" free and I could completely remove the socket. 


And yes, anthon, the metal tabs are SO NICE.  You just lightly press down on the tops, and the SIMM springs out.


I ran the machine overnight running Ramometer, no errors!


Now I'm distressed if I should remove the old Bank A sockets.  Those ones weren't broken, but the board looks funny with half-metal and half-crap.

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