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Monitor III with Apple badge

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So I acquired additional Apple III-related goods today from the same Craigslist source, including a Monitor III.  This Monitor III has a badge that is like glued to the front that reads "Apple Computer Inc: 1082" (see picture below).  Has anyone seen badges like this before?  Is this a sign it was used internally by Apple workers?  I note that this Monitor III has what *seems* to be a low serial number (its 4 digits and dated May 1981 -- there was another Monitor III I left since it looked like it was in rough condition that was dated December 1980 and had a 3 digit serial number).


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That certainly looks like a corporate asset tag. It very probably was in use at an Apple facility before it was sold off or spirited home by a worker. (This doesn't of course imply that it's a RARE PROTOTYPE or anything, it's mostly of casual interest. The Apple III was the primary development platform for the Lisa, as a lot of its software was written in Pascal, so they had a lot of them around. Not to mention the Monitor III turned up on top of Apple II+s and early IIes with regularity; I'd venture it's considerably more common than the computer it titularly matches.)

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