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Hello all,


I Just wanted to start a thread for all of the 3D printed items I've designed for Macs. I can make these items for members but this is not a for sale post, this post is just so people with printers can print these items. Your Items are welcome also.


1. Portable Battery






2. Portable Foot











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Hehe, Ive got a 3D printer too. Its awesome to print out anything custom you need, isn't it?


Ive got a roll of ninjaflex (basically rubber filament) if anyone needs custom rubber parts printed. Sorry to compete with OP, just putting it out there.

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It's been mentioned before that floppy bezels for the power mac 8600/9600 often break a lot and there's still a demand for CD bezels for the 900 series Quadra machines.


Another is the feet for the pizzabox quadra/centris 660 and the Powermac 6100.

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Well, I can print the feet since I have the rubber filament (For anyone wondering, i think it was $40 for half a KG).

I dont know about designing. I am pretty good it, but I just need dimensions.

It would probably be about $1-$3 a foot depending on shape and size. I have to print them solid or else they are too flexy.


I also have an 8 inch x 8 inch print area, so the bezels I can do. But since I dont have white filament, they would have to be painted if I were to make them. Besides, that ways you can paint it a beige color to match the mac.


I dont know about Alaska though. Just telling my printer.

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Oh forgot to add. (And sorry for hijacking your thread Alaska! :( )


If your interested in having something printed thats rubber, PM me. If you want something else, such as the bezel, you can PM me. Once again, I am assuming Alaska can do bezels, but has not responded to this thread yet...

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Rubber feet and side pieces for the Powerbook Duo stuff. 


The lower front piece of the bezel for the Powerbook 520, 520c, 540, & 540c. That (&^$# loves to break.



IF you guys want to send me samples I'll see what I can do :)

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Hello!, and thanks to 360alaska for sharing the files!


I gave the Macintosh Portable foot STL file to a local 3D printing company, and after a few modifications they were able to print it using a flexible TPU filament. the quality is not perfect, but it fits nicely in the portable.




They also told me that they have the equipment to print object with a much higher resolution using a special flexile resin. The only problem is that such material is crazy expensive (about 400€ for a bottle) and since it has a shelf life, they can't get a bottle for printing just a couple of small parts.

The good news is that they can model and print other parts (like the quadra 700 foot) using the same material.


Using the same machine (and hard resin) they were also able to reproduce the gears used in the floppy drives.


Essentially, if you gave them a physical object, they can easily model and create an accurate 3d printed replica.


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Im just guessing, but the flexible stuff is usually grippier. Like rubber. And they are feet... Thats probably why.


Not at all, I made some out of PET and PLA and they worked fine, On a side note, I printed them upside-down so that the unfinished side is inward...

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get them to print ALL the bezels for any towers you ve got!


Yeah that's a good idea but you'll have to figure out first what type of plastic apple used back in the day.

I'd like to see brand new Compact Mac bezels! And developer switches!


I asked a teacher of mine how to determine what a plastic is made of, and he told me they had to run a series of destructive tests including setting it on fire and analysing the smoke... It would be kinda expensive too.


Then you'll have to create a perfect mould. The plastic isn't really smooth, it's textured... 




It's perhaps somewhat easier to 3D-print G3 B&W parts, since they're translucent.

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