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I need a bit of help to fix a powerbook 500 series battery. Battery recondition doesn't work. The computer used to sense the battery, but now it is not usable. However, the battery still gives off some power. 

I'm thinking of recelling the battery in the future. Anyone got suggestions? (because i'm not paying 200$ for a new battery.)

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When I was playing with PB500 stuff, what I ended up doing was spending maybe an hour or so just inserting and ejecting the batteries. After so long, the machine may start to recognize them. After this, I was able to start using the recondition tool to work on them. I eventually got about three hours total between four batteries I had, which worked out well in the dual bay design. (Or, would have -- the hinges on mine weren't exactly "carry around" grade.)

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If you're keen, you can replace the cells with AA NiMH (and ONLY NiMH) rechargables. It takes 8, but you need to get batteries with tabs or wrap them very tightly in tape to hold the pack together.


I did this a number of years ago and managed to get pretty good life out of a couple batteries made this way!

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