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Removing Bad Powerbook 100 Speaker?

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A few months ago I purchased a Powerbook 100 complete with manuals, case, and floppies for $25 at a local flea market.  It has many problems though, one of which being the speaker (at least I hope it's the speaker and not something else).  Every time I turn on the PB, I hear a static-y sound before the start up chime plays and while using the laptop, I will hear crackling static every so often.  This happens with both the included power brick (which has a cracked tip) and a Toshiba laptop power supply which has similar specs to one of Apple's replacement power bricks.  The hard drive will not boot up either, but I heard that changing the PRAM batteries might help with that.  But before I buy any new PRAM batteries or one of Apple's replacement PSU's, I want to make sure it really is the speaker that's making the static-y sound and not something more serious like the power board shorting out.


The speaker is wired into a connector that also has the wires for the display.  I'm not sure if these wires are soldered in or if these could be pulled out or cut?  If I remove the speaker and I no longer hear the static sound, then I will continue with buying a power brick and PRAM batteries (CR2430s to be exact).  If I still hear static, then there must be something wrong with the power board.  Can the speaker be removed?


Thanks in advance.  :)

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For your information, the Powerbook 100 needs a lot of them (47µf / 1µ, 10µ...) some are in awkward places and one is in the Processor dauther card.


Before ordering have a look at the Logic board, you should order tiny caps, the board being small as well.

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