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Newton Connection Utility disconnects with -1

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Hopefully someone sees this and knows what's the scoop. 

After about 10 years of sitting in a storage box, I decided to pull out my MP2100. I also recently purchased a "new" PowerMac G4 that runs 9.2 (I used to have soooo many classic macs, but fate decided to force me to let them go back in 2008). 


Anyway, enough backstory. I loaded Newton Connection Utilities on the G4 and bought a Entrega USB to Serial doohickey. Tried to back up the Newt for safety first thing, but it halts the backup with a cryptic -1 error. Anyone have this issue before? Is 9.2 too high to run NCU? Maybe it's the Entrega dongldooky. 

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

And thanks so much for this sight. Seems like every day it gets harder and harder to find old Newton/68k/PPC information on the internet. Sad.

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I have a vague recollection that some Extension installed by Claris Organizer causes bad things. But it is vague.... Maybe it will lead you somewhere all the same. The other obvious possibility is that there may be a problem arising from use of the adapter.

Thanks. i'll check the Claris thing, Right now i'm leaning towards the adapter though. I just ordered the good old Keyspan adapter anyway. 


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If you have a more modern OS X machine(or have OS X on your QS) I find NCX to be more stable than NCU. You can still get the Keyspan driver to work as well, I've used it under Lion with no issues.

several osx boxes here. just ordered a keyspan dongle. will try it out then. thanks.

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