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How do I install OS 8.5 on OS X 10.3 clamshell iBook?

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The optical drives on Clamshells (the same in iMacs) are prone to failure - try burning a CD-R of the disc, or use an external FW drive (if it had FW)


Lastly why 8.5 on a PPC Mac?  It's flaky, crash-prone and uses a lot of legacy 68K code - 8.6 and above were largely native PPC.

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It has Firewire so I will try that.


Reason: I have OS X on new Macs so I want to have at least 1 Mac with OS 8.5 or 9. I will opt for OS 9.


After  that I hope to install PodRacer game, QTVR and Hypercard, maybe even Newton Connection kit if compatible ... all for demo purposes. 

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