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Apple PC Compatibility Card 12" Video DRAM Upgrade

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Given that the required specs are printed right there on the PCB, you could throw those figures into an ebay search - worldwide, sorted by lowest price & postage - and see what you turn up.  Note that 60ns is a maximum - anything faster (ie, less nanoseconds) will work too, provided the rest is compatible - 256k x 16 bits wide, video DRAM, DIP, right number of legs.  It's a fairly standard part for the era by the look of it.

Or if you want to play it safe, use the chip number that Unknown_K gave above in your search.

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Thanks for the feedback. 


Only the 100mhz 12" had the sockets, the Pentium 166mhz had the max amount of ram. 


I did look into the the Mach64 card designs of the era and they were wildly different. Off to the mad depths of eBay I go. 

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While looking for Simms, I looked into finding boards with the exact same ATI Chip model and I found a board from 1995 for $20 from RecycledGoods. So hopefully this will work. 




A part me realizes all this work to run Windows 95/98 on an 8500 is nutty, but the 1995 version of me thought that was the niftiest Idea compared to SoftPC back then. 

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Do you have the dongle cable?


Yes, I do, I have both the internal ribbon cable and external model sans the joystick end that is common on eBay. I have been using PCcardFAQ.com for guidance, and the system will never go to 8 so software support should be okay.


I tried to get a full boxed version of the 6100 Dos card, but someone outbid on eBay, sucker ended up selling for almost $200! 

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It is cool to run DOS or Windows on a mac using real hardware. I think the Apple PCI DOS cards are picky about what Mac OS you are running (7.5.x I think it likes). Do you have the dongle cable?


I had a 7200/120 PC Compatible that ran 9.1 on the Mac side and '95 on the PC side with no complaints.  It was pretty cool to have two vintage machines wrapped up in one package.  Actually had two hard drives so I had 1GB devoted to MacOS and 1GB devoted to Windows.

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