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AU: Colour Classic in Canberra, not powering on until...

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3 Photos showing before and after and case should display below but can be found here:

The latest addition to my personal Macintosh collection is the Colour Classic.  The only description the younger seller gave was it didn’t turn on.  Not being one to gamble I was about to pull the pin on heading over to buy it, but a CC sure is tempting.  It was in dusty condition with minimal case damage (a few light scratches), near platinum grey plastics.  I could see the dust, but I could also see a LC PDS ethernet card was installed and it came with keyboard and mouse.  Deal!

Work was testing my excitement with a 5 hour shift in the middle of the day so I did that and came home to start working on cleaning off the dust and seeing why it didn’t boot.  First observations as I was taking things apart were the plastics were tough, and gee Apple sure crammed in a lot of things into one small case.  I’m so familiar with the black and white classics internally that it was surprising to see the extra components required for colour.

The logic board was very dusty, and more dust covering the analogue board.  Interestingly the fan was near new in dust level - again my suspicions the CC was stored poorly were becoming stronger.  Anyway dust is great - it comes off.  

In the kitchen sink goes warm water, vinegar.  On the board goes a thin spray of bench cleaner.  Using an electric toothbrush and dedicated brush head, I went around all the capacitors and chips.  As the board was non upgraded, there wasn’t any RAM to remove before hand.
I also added in a few drops of eucalyptus oil to further remove the decade old dust.  The board was rinsed well with warm water (at least 2 minutes) then taken outside to shake the drops out.  The board then went into the oven at 50’C for 30 minutes, turned over at the 15 min mark.  

After it was dry I got out my torch to inspect everything - there was still some gunk around chips adjacent to capacitors.  Using a dry toothbrush head, I detailed around them to further remove the presumably electrolytic leakage.  Then back into the CC to power on.

Remember this is a soft on computer, switch on at the rear then start up using the power key on your keyboard.


Enjoy the video everyone: https://youtu.be/WJkVAAL9JV8




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Did you have trouble discharging the CRT and Power Supply? 


I too am getting a Color Classic in a week and will end up doing what you have done. The computer was sold to me as is, but the case was in excellent shape. Your is looking good, but I agree with the comments about getting it recapped, all that work, you don't want to see it all go down.


Side note: Before evening seeing this thread, I stumbled on the video you made on the goog, funny how everything is circular. 

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