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Reliable source for L88M m68040 CPUs?

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Does anyone know of a reputable seller who has L88M mask m68040 CPUs for sale? I really want to finish my Quadra 610 - it has a NewerTech Quadra Overdrive, but it isn't stable with the CPU it has, so I'd like a CPU I know will work.


The last one I bought from "u-barn" on eBay was counterfeit, and the one before that from a seller I don't even remember was an LC040 labeled as a full '040.



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Sadly Freescale just EOLed the MC68040 (I wonder if anyone stocked up before the EOL): http://cache.freescale.com/files/shared/doc/pcn/PCN15939.htm

Even before EOL they were a couple hundred dollars each. I suspect that Freescale hasn't run a rack in some time and has been pricing existing stock to make it last.

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