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Look what I found in the woods!

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Too bad it wasn't a Lisa. That would've been something!



I once found a Lisa at the local ancient ewaste recycler in horrible shape (got it for free) and put it on eBay. I documented the condition well and mentioned it was likely only good for a case and bracketry and it sold $244. The buyer gave me neutral feedback saying it wasn't in very good condition... The buyer was the Computer History Museum.

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That Intergraph monitor.. that's off a Clipper UNIX box. Probably a 2xxx series. 


I used to run those on some 2400's and a 6800 with CLIX. Dead tech sadly, though it was a lovely UNIX and the Clipper RISC (C[1,2,3,4]00's) processors for the day were pretty nice. Quite unobtanium these days.


Monitors were easy to get working off VGA if the card supplied SOG signals correctly.

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