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Ugh.I'm having a major brain fart. At some point in the last year, I changed the hard drive icon on my SE/30 (System 7.1, update 3) and now I can't remember how I did it. It may have been when I set up my SCSI2SD. Anyone know how to do this? I farted around on the thing for well over an hour last night, and no luck. 



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I found control panel for system software below 7 which can change your HD drive icon, it is called IconMaster.

Check the link below. I also included icons for System 7 which can be just copy/pasted on HD icon or folder.


attachicon.gif Icons.png


attachicon.gif HDICONS.img.zip




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when you format your drive w/ Lido you also get a nice selection of icons to select from.  I am using a very nicely rendered Mac Classic icon and Mac SE icon on both of my respective machines.  

i know it's a good way but i don' t want to erase disk and reinstall. if u only change icon with lido under 6x without formatting the changes can't bee seen. can be seen only under 7x

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It's all built in the download that slomacuser posted. you can only interact in the control panel and this will change only the boot disk icon. it' s simpler to use it than explain it. just put the icon master control panel in system folder, reboot and than try it  :).to modify default icons you've got to modify pixel per pixel and save it. there's a screen from minivmac



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