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Request: Seritek 1SM2 drivers for PCMCIA Card /Troubleshooting

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Hi Folks,


First post here on the forum after lurking for years, hopefully its not presumptuous leading with a request but I'm in a bit of a jam:


I've purchased this Seritek 1SM2 card, looking to use it with OS9, support is described as 'limited' but present nonetheless. No luck using the re-packaged drivers from the Seritek website or on the CD it comes with. I have been in correspondence with Firmtek trying different solutions and all existing Extensions seem corrupted by OS X repackaging.
I've gone through quite a few variations of dragging and dropping the 'SATAEnabler' file into the system folder. It often shows up as a nondescript PC File, or generic text document. There was one instance from one of the packages i found where the system folder recognized it and placed it into extensions, it loaded, but my card was still the generic grey box upon inserting it on reboot. 
On the off chance someone else out there might have them, thought i'd post this message.
Any words of wisdom would be great.



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I have a SeriTek PCI-X eSATA card that plugs straight into my B&W G3 and works fine without any extra installation. I wonder if you need to be looking at the most recent Apple plugins for the PCMCIA slot for Mac OS 9.2.2? I don't know them offhand, but someone here should do.

One more thing, have you scoured The FirmTek site on Archive.org for drivers?

All the best,


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all related + neccessary drivers are built into the firmware of the card..

if u are having a problem then perhaps your firmware is corrupt

all u would need to do is update the firmware from here http://www.firmtek.com/download/


the only other thing i can think of is that theres some kind of incompatibility with the target machine

are you using a laptop?


is it a properly mac os 9 compatible laptop? (declared by apple at original time of sale)


the card u are using went on sale in 2006 i believe..

so if the machine you are using is from before 2006 it should have been tested + confirmed working by firmtek/seritek

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The card works! Michael at Firmtek was extremely helpful in troubleshooting solutions and the proper driver in the end (the card registers as a SCSI device, which makes it different from other seritek/sonnet SATA plug n' play solutions). I am using SCSIProbe to make it auto mount my hard drive.
I'm currently using the 1SM2 as a go between for samples/ableton files between my laptop and my home DAW.
I can highly recommend this device and Firmtek!   ;)
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