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Beige G3 with 8.6 not accessing network volumes.

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As the title suggests, my beige G3/300 Minitower running OS 8.6 will not display networked  computers in the Chooser, nor will it display anything in the Network Browser. I think I have mostly ruled out a hardware failure or incompatibility (including a bad cable) by the fact that it connects to the router and correctly negotiates IP parameters via DHCP, as well as seeming to have no real issues browsing the net, outside of those caused by the incompatibility of IE4.5 with almost anything on the modern web. The problem would appear to affect Appleshare specifically.


I have my 9600 powered on, with sharing started up and all drives shared, and ethernet being the selected connection for everything, running OS 9.2... It functions 100% correctly, connects to network volumes on my G5 properly via the IP address workaround in Chooser, and the clone running 7.6.1, the IIvx running 7.5.3, and the CC running 7.1 are all able to connect to it with no issues at all, and it can connect to them, So by rights there should be no incompatibility between it and the G3 running 8.6 and connected via the onboard ethernet, yet for some reason it refuses to work.


Anybody got any ideas? this one has me stumped.


I should point out also, that this is a brand new virgin install of 8.6 on a freshly formatted drive... the computer has seen about as much use as was necessary to try and work this out, so there hasnt really been enough use or changes made to degrade or break the system.

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Well... just after I posted this, I had a feret around through one of the Older Software mirrors and came across the G3 Ethernet update 2.0.4, containing an update of the Apple Built-In Ethernet extension that was intended to fix seemingly the exact issue i was having, with it being perculiar specifically to the beige G3, as best I can tell.


The 9600 now mounts the drive over the network from the G3, and the G3 seeing the 9600.


So for future reference, if you have this issue, grab yourself a copy of the G3 Ethernet 2.0.4 update and replace the existing built-in ethernet extension with the one included in that update package.

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Here we go... simply replace the extension and you are good to go. :)




This is to my knowlege an issue and a fix specific to the beige G3 series... The pre-G3 Powermac's had an issue under certain circumstances where transferring large files across the inbuilt ethernet would hang the system, however this was covered by a seperate fix. This off memory affected the 75xx/85xx/95xx series and their related x6xx counterparts (also likely the 7300 and maybe WGS7350 as they use the same board architecture as the 7500 except with the AV subsystem componentry deleted.

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