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Ailing iBook G3 - Confirm my diagnosis...

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My oldest 800mhz G3 'book suddenly has a major issue - won't turn on with any regularity, can occasionally get restarted and booted by pressing the power button and inserting - removing - reinserting the power cord. Makes a low tone almost like a low toot sometimes with no boot, sometimes does that before booting. And, it will not charge a battery when it does boot.


I have another dead 800 with some parts I can cannibalize. My question is, do the above symptoms point to just the little power board, or to a mainboard failure?


I know the teardown is a bit of a bugger - maybe something for a long winter night in the months ahead.


This one is a very early 800, probably from the first month of production in November 2002. So it is reasonable that it would be the first to fail. This one still has a silver screen betzel, like the 500mhz ones.


Thanks for any advice...

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With all the powerbooks without an internal pram battery I have found removing the battery, holding the power button to remove any residual capacitor charge and pluygging back in with battery out then starting helps.


It seems to me the power issue is corrupted by the dead or dying main battery.


Im sure I have over simplified but I have had great success with this to date, especially with G4 powerbooks.

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This one now only lasts a second before shutting off. Something really wonky with the power board, I think. Will have to decide down the road if I have the patience to do a teardown. For now, I'm looking at it as a parts unit since I have two others that are working fine. The G3 800s are getting a bit slow anyway compared to the G4s.

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