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Mouse and Sound settings not saving

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You guys may know​ whats wrong. 2 of my macs (Macintosh plus and Macinotsh Classic II) have an issue saving changes to the sound and mouse settings. the mac plus is running System 6 and Class II is running System 7 and both have the same issue. No matter how much I adjust the mouse or the volume shut the computer down and upon the next boot up its defaults back to the original setting. whats the deal? My macintosh SE with system 6 has no such issue. ive tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas.... well I ve reainstalled the os and still same thing.

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Yep.. that's a flat battery... pull it out and change it before it leaks. These settings are saved in volatile memory and being that the compact monochrome Mac's are hard-power only, when you switch off the switch, these settings are lost if the battery is flat or missing.


I emplore you to if nothing else, to pull the batteries immediately. The Plus has one in the back behind a removable panel near the power switch. It is likely to be nearly 30 years old, and they can leak down onto the logic board if left in. And the Classic II is from an era where Maxell batteries were used in many Macs and these batteries have come to be known for rather violently reacting and basically exploding  when they are left discharged or get well past their prime and can demolish a machine very quickly... There is a thread about it on here somewhere. Check out the damage done to my LC475 as an example of what is possible. Unfortunately the Classic/Classic II batteries are not so easily accessible as the Plus... they are a logic-board mounted 1/2AA cell which you have to take the case back off to access. But you really must do it.

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Good stuff! :) For future reference it is good practice to remove any battery that is present in an old (or even newer) Mac you pick up and either leave it out or replace it with a brand new one. Fresh stock from Saft, a reputable brand used as OEM parts in Macs for years, are cheaply available from eBay in the 1/2AA size used in all Mac's other than the 128k/512k/Plus series, right through until theswitch to button cells in the late dual-core models of the G5. :)

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